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Registration is open

2021-02-06 15:05

Старт 06.02.2021 20:00 (MCK)

EuroMU x100

A well-known server. Since 2019, we have surprised and disappointed, pleased and upset players.

And so! EuroMU is ready to once again accept heroes who will not be afraid to challenge any difficulties.

Let's meet on the fields of military glory!

We have moved to a new level.

Fully increased protection against attacks

Added a lot of interesting things,

Reworked the balance of all characters and now our balance is one of the best among MuOnline servers,

We have changed a lot since then and everything is for the better.

High-quality protection against cheats (ddos)

2021-02-06 15:04

Server Info
EuroMU x100
Online: 44
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Top Players
Name Lvl RR GR
MooWi 382 42 0
4ert 400 40 0
POTOP 323 30 0
4 VILLY 400 24 0
5 KOPTE3 400 18 0
Top Guilds
Name Score Master
12123123 0 KnopkA
Abyss 0 Shadowless
Admin 0 Admin
4 eqqqqqqq 0 rairi
5 HONOR 0 Enigma
Our partners
Event Timer
Skeleton King

Red Dragon Invasion

Golden Invasion

White Wizard Invasion

New Year Invasion [Pouch of Blessing]

Rabbits Invasion
Start In: 08h 30m 29s

Summer Invasion [Fire Flame Ghost]
Start In: 19h 30m 29s

Medusa Invasion
Start In: 17h 58m 29s

Christmas Invasion
Start In: 19h 10m 29s

Debenter [Muff]
Start In: 15h 13m 29s

Muun Boss Doto
Start In: 02h 53m 29s

Ferea [Lord of Ferea(Boss)]
Start In: 19h 13m 29s

Ukanva [Ubaid(Boss)]
Start In: 16h 13m 29s

Silla [Alkmaar(Boss)]
Start In: 17h 13m 29s

Lord Silvester [Uruk(Boss)]
Start In: 18h 13m 29s

Goblin Lorencia [Lorencia]
Start In: 18h 53m 29s

Scotch Canyon Event
Start In: 13h 43m 29s

Moss Merchant
Start In: 06h 43m 29s

Goblin Noria [Noria]
Start In: 18h 53m 29s

Illusion Temple

Deep Dungeon Event
Start In: 17h 43m 29s

Battle Royale
Start In: 19h 43m 29s

Start In: 6d 16h 43m 29s

Capitan Death
Start In: 19h 43m 29s

Chaos Castle

Start In: 4d 18h 43m 29s

Team VS Team
Start In: 15h 48m 29s

Devil Square

Castle Deep
Start In: 15h 43m 29s

Kubera Mine Event
Start In: 09h 43m 29s

Blood Castle

Goblin Devias [Devias]
Start In: 18h 53m 29s

Nixies [Nix]
Start In: 20h 13m 29s

Drop Event
Start In: 09h 43m 29s

Auction Event
Start In: 16h 13m 29s

Mount Ghost Dragon
Start In: 13h 03m 29s

Silver Dragon
Start In: 21h 28m 29s

Element Dragon
Start In: 17h 03m 29s

Guild VS Guild
Start In: 17h 43m 29s

Kubera Mine [Anubis(Boss)]
Start In: 07h 43m 29s

Nars [Anubis(Boss)]
Start In: 12h 13m 29s

Scotch Canyon [Anubis(Boss)]
Start In: 15h 05m 29s

Deep Dungeon [Anubis(Boss)]
Start In: 19h 28m 29s

Capitan Jack
Start In: 18h 08m 29s

Bresker Wolf

Demon Sapi Queen
Start In: 08h 43m 29s

Magic Boss
Start In: 07h 43m 29s

Temple Ogre
Start In: 06h 43m 29s

Start In: 05h 43m 29s

Death Queen
Start In: 04h 43m 29s

Market Latest
Blood Bone + 7

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